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Access and Inclusion

Access and inclusion matter – how we’re making everyone welcome at Pride Classical

The Bridgewater Hall Manchester

This venue has step-free access into the auditorium, and the foyer is at ground level. Free personal assistant tickets are available to anyone who requires the support of another person to attend the Hall.


There are 16 wheelchair spaces across the venue, and guide dogs are welcome.

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Blackpool Tower Ballroom

This venue can accommodate all guests with a disability, with the exception of guests using mobility scooters. However, complimentary wheelchair spaces are available.


A chair lift provides access to the building and guide dogs are welcome.

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We expect Pride Classical to be a loud event. If you or a member of your party may need to leave, we recommend booking seats at the end of an aisle so you can come and go as required.


Both venues offer disabled toilets on all levels, and there’s a Changing Places toilet available at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom. A radar key may be required to access disabled toilet facilities in Blackpool.

For the first time ever, both venues provided gender neutral toilets in addition to single-sex toilet facilities. We are grateful to them for adapting their usual provision to ensure everyone's comfort at Pride Classical.


We know that language plays an important part in identity. We strive to keep our language as inclusive as possible, whilst recognising that people with similar identities may prefer to describe themselves in different ways.

We use the terms ‘LGBTQ+’ and ‘Queer’ to describe the people involved in creating, performing in, inspiring and attending this event. We hope that these terms acknowledge both sexuality and gender identities, and demonstrate our belief that everyone is welcome at Pride, provided they extend the same welcome to others. 

If you prefer to identify yourself with different language, why not tell us about your Pride Song, and how music helps to affirm who you are?


Our principles are simple. Everybody is welcome, provided they make everybody welcome.


If we understand that any participant, performer or contributor to Pride Classical, the Pride Anthem project, or My Pride Song has made anyone else feel unwelcome, we’ll address that with them and potentially ask them to step aside from the project. In the case of My Pride Song, we won’t share any submissions which we believe to express negativity towards any other individual/s or group/s.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Contact us

You can contact the Pride Classical team at

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