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The soundtrack to 50 years of love, hope and celebration

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What is Pride Classical?

The soundtrack to 50 years of love, hope and celebration, Pride Classical fuses anthemic melodies with irresistible rhythms and evocative lyrics. Songs by disco stars, divas and drag queens mark the moments in which we’ve fallen in love, declared our love and learned our love is possible.


Now through new orchestral arrangements, same-sex duets and medleys juxtaposing eulogy and euphoria, this concert celebrates everyone who shares our love, and our pride.

Celebrating the LGBTQ+ Community

At the heart of the concert is a brand new Pride Anthem, conceived and composed by local community members and performed by the full orchestra to celebrate what Pride means today.


To help us understand what Pride and its music mean to you, we’re inviting you to tell us your Pride song - the tune that makes you feel like you are exactly who you are. Follow us on social media to hear the best-loved songs from the queer community in Manchester, Lancashire and beyond, or click through to share your story.