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Friday 26 July | Liverpool Docks

Part of Pride in Liverpool

The soundtrack to 50 years of love, hope and celebration

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World-class artists perform the Pride Classical set list. Here is who we have worked with so far


Read more about our artists

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Experience the Soundtrack of 50 Years of Love and Celebration with Pride Classical

Pride Classical brings you the ultimate musical journey through five decades of love, hope, and celebration. This extraordinary concert merges iconic anthems with irresistible rhythms and evocative lyrics, featuring unforgettable songs by legendary disco stars, divas, and drag queens. These timeless tracks mark the moments we've fallen in love, declared our love, and embraced the possibility of love in all its forms.

Now, through stunning new orchestral arrangements, soul-stirring same-sex duets, and medleys that juxtapose eulogy with euphoria, Pride Classical celebrates everyone who shares our love and pride. Join us for an unforgettable evening that honors the vibrant spirit of our community and the enduring power of love.

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My Pride Song: Share your stories with Pride Classical

Share the songs and stories that resonate most with you as a member or ally of the LGBTQ+ community. Pride Classical was created out of our deep love for Pride, music, and the queer community. The songs we've chosen represent some of the most iconic moments in our shared history, but with only two hours, we couldn't include every song or every story.


Submit your Pride song and the story behind it. Your contribution could be featured as part of our event or in an accompanying exhibition. Join us in celebrating the music and memories that define our Pride!

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Pride Anthem: Celebrating LGBTQ+ Voices Through Music

At the heart of Pride Classical is a brand new Pride Anthem, crafted by the LGBTQ+ community to celebrate what Pride means today.


This unique piece was composed by members of Stockport LGBT+ PLUS Spectrum, a group that supports LGBTQ+ individuals who also identify as neurodiverse and/or pan-disabled.

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