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Share the songs and stories that matter most to you, as a member or ally of the LGBTQ+ community

We created Pride Classical because we care about Pride, music, and the queer community. We believe the songs chosen represent some of the most memorable moments of our shared history, but we can only fill two hours. We couldn’t include every song, and we couldn’t include every story.


We’re excited to be working with Pride in Liverpool to showcase the songs and stories that matter most to YOU!


Tell us your Pride song, and why it’s important, and you could hear your story featured as part of the event or at an accompanying exhibition.

Joanna Lumley | I Am What I Am

Julie Hesmondhalgh | Small Town Boy

Dolly-Rose Campbell | We Like to Party

James Pattinson | Piano Concerto no.2

Matt Henry | I Wanna Dance with Somebody

Amina Hussain | Street Life

Mark Newsome | Crying at the Discotheque

Katrina Lauder | Maria

Keith Doran | The Weekend

Hayley Tamaddon + Dan Whiston | Enough is Enough

Bryony Bell | Queer as Folk

Simon Denton | Take on Me

Simon Gilks | Born This Way

Ben Marshall | I Don't Feel Like Dancing

Alison Jiear | This is Me

Dolly-Rose Campbell

Sam Retford

Get involved!

If Pride matters to you, then you’re welcome to share your Pride song and story.

Keep it simple, get creative, sing it, say it, show it - this is your moment. All we ask is that you record it as a video, film in portrait mode, keep it to 1 minute in length, and share the love - we’re all part of the same community. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

  • Explore your space. Film in the places where you fell in love, where you danced the night away, where your dreams came true, where you made memories. Just ask the owner for permission first!


  • Go wild with your own creativity. Share your own music, artwork or writing inspired by your Pride song.


  • Share with your friends. Create a video with your partner, your children, your community group, your pets, or go it alone - it’s your call.


  • Passion and profanity. We’re here to celebrate love. But we’ll be sharing your stories online, and reaching audiences of all age groups – so if you include sexiness or swearing, it may limit how widely we share your story.


  • Everyone’s welcome. We believe that everybody’s welcome to show their Pride. If you want to tell us how you identify then do so – if you’d rather not, then don’t. Our only expectation is that you help us ensure that everyone else feels welcome, just as you are.

Submission Guidelines

  • Videos should be no more than one minute in length.

  • Please include the name of the song and its original artist/s in full when you submit your video. If we can’t verify the accuracy of this information, we may not include your video - so if it’s by a less well known artist, please tell us that.

  • Audio recording must be clear and good quality.

  • You’re welcome to show your face, but if you prefer not to be recognisable then that’s fine too.

  • We’d encourage you to include your name and pronouns, but this is optional. Nicknames, drag names, stage names or partial names are welcome.

  • If submissions are not in spoken or written English, please provide an accompanying translation. All videos will be captioned/subtitled in English.

  • In line with our principles of inclusion, we won’t share content which is, or may appear to be, critical or exclusive of any individual/s or group/s. These decisions will be made in line with our principles and will be final.

By submitting any recording, you confirm that:

  • You have the owner’s permission if you’ve recorded in a private space.

  • You have permission from the creator or copyright holder to include any edits, artwork or effects.

  • Anyone, other than yourself, who can be identified in your video has given you their permission to be included.

  • You give permission to Carrot Productions to share your video in full, in a shortened form, as still images and/or as transcribed text, freely and until further notice, via their owned and managed channels. Initially we intend to share all videos via YouTube and a selection via StoriBoard, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok. 


Scroll through and watch our collection of everyone's choices for their Pride Songs

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